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    Professional Diploma in Plumbing Engineering for Building Services (QF Level 5), PD-PEBS 屋宇設備與水務工程專業文憑
    • Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) 香港高等教育科技學院 (簡稱高科院) http://www.thei.edu.hk/
    • Professional Diploma in Plumbing Engineering for Building Services (QF Level 5), PD-PEBS [ST525104] 屋宇設備與水務工程專業文憑
      • Part-time mode (20 months / 5 semesters), launched in Sep 2015
      • Info on THEi website
      • Recognised under the Qualifications Framework, QF Level: 5, QR Registration No.: 15/000515/L5, Validity Period: 01/05/2015 to 30/04/2020
      • Engineering Training Subsidy Scheme (ETSS) 工程專才進修資助計劃 http://www.vtc.edu.hk/admission/etss/
        • In order to further encourage continuing education, the HKSAR Government has approved the implementation of a pilot scheme to provide tuition fee subsidy for three cohorts of students admitted starting from the 2016/17 academic year to designated professional part-time programmes offered by VTC, covering programmes in the disciplines of construction and engineering. Successful applicants will be refunded 60% of the tuition fees of eligible programmes, subject to a maximum of $45,000 per person.
        • Details in a brochure [PDF]

    Programme Objectives (POs):
    • PO1: Equip students with solid fundamental knowledge and understanding of the theories, methods and practices of plumbing engineering that will prepare them for professional careers to perform engineering functions in the plumbing and building services industry;
    • PO2: Develop studentsí abilities in professional practice, where a combination of engineering, management, communication, leadership and teamwork skills are required for solving engineering problems in plumbing and related building services engineering, and assume professional leadership roles;
    • PO3: Nurture studentsí multiple perspectives and awareness on cultural, social, economic, technical and other related issues and factors influencing various plumbing, building and engineering issues; and
    • PO4: Strengthen studentsí sense of commitment for environmental protection and sustainability by keeping abreast of the developments in the profession as well as pursuing lifelong learning
    Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs):
    • PLO1: Apply fundamental knowledge in mathematics, computing, science and engineering that underpin the study of plumbing engineering and building services engineering;
    • PLO2: Apply appropriate knowledge, skills and techniques to design, analyse, install, commission and maintain professional plumbing works as part of building services engineering in familiar and unfamiliar contexts;
    • PLO3: Conduct investigations and propose solutions to solve plumbing and building services-related problems using appropriate engineering principles to meet specific needs, taking into account practical constraints and non-routine requirements;
    • PLO4: Evaluate plumbing engineering and management solutions with respect to technical, financial, legal, ethical, social and other considerations;
    • PLO5: Integrate contemporary plumbing engineering, sustainable development concepts and knowledge of relevant fields in solving plumbing engineering problems and for career development;
    • PLO6: Communicate effectively in various means and modes to facilitate teamwork and completion of project works; and
    • PLO7: Develop professional responsibilities with a lifelong learning attitude and an ability to stay abreast of contemporary and international issues and be aware of the importance of safety, financial, legal, ethical and societal considerations for benefiting society.
    PD-PEBS Courses


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