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Year 2018
14 Dec 2018 (Fri) HKIE M&I Div Technical Seminar: Digital Construction – Close Loop of BIM (Building Information Modeling) [website]
13 Dec 2018 CIBSE-HKB One-day Seminar on Renewable Energy New Development and Technologies in Hong Kong [website]
10-12 Dec 2018 (Mon-Wed) PLEA (Passive and Low Energy Architecture) 2018, CUHK Campus, HK

  - PLEA 2018 Student Design Colloquium
10 Dec 2018 (Mon) CIC/HKGBC CPD Event - Technical Seminar cum Launching Event for HKGBC Green Design Guide for Material Resources Optimisation in Building Life Cycle [website]
28 Nov, 5, 12, 19 Dec 2018 HKIE Inter-Division Courses: Session 2 : 28 November, 5, 12, 19 December, 2018 (Topic : Energy Design and Reuse) [PDF]

3 Dec 2018 (Mon) HKIE-BSD Technical Seminar on Experience Sharing in Lifts Incidents and Investigation with Case Studies [PDF]
Nov 29 Nov 2018 (Thu) HKGBC CPD Event - Technical Seminar on Renewable Energy Applications [website]
28 Nov 2018 (Wed) ASHRAE-HKC/CIBSE-HKB/HKIE-BSD Technical Seminar on Sustainable Mitigation to Climate Change [website]
23 Nov 2018 (Fri) HKIE-EL Seminar: Electrical Installation in Public Housing [PDF]
21 Nov 2018 (Wed) Hong Kong Joint Symposium 2018 – Innovative Technology Fusion for Next Challenging Century – CALL FOR SUBMISSION [PDF]; Registration [PDF]
15-16 Nov 2018 (Thu-Fri) EMSD Symposium 2018 - Co-creating a Smart Future
14 Nov 2018 (Wed) HKGBC CPD Event - Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau Retro-commissioning Forum [website]
6 Nov 2018 (Tue) HKIE-ENV Technical Seminar on Feed-in Tariff Scheme [PDF]
3 Nov 2018 (Sat) HKIE-MNC Technical Visit to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant at Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital [website]
2-25 Nov 2018 Construction Month 2018 築月
3-11 Nov 2018 (Sun-Sun) InnoCarnival 2018 創新科技嘉年華2018 InnoTalk
2, 7, 14, 19 Nov 2018 HKIE Inter-Division Courses: Session 1 : 2, 7, 14, 19 November, 2018 (Topic : Solid Waste Management) [PDF]
Oct 31 Oct 2018 (Wed) ASHRAE-HKC/CIBSE-HKB/HKIE-BSD Technical Seminar on The Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme for Offices and Public Places [website]
27-30 Oct 2018 (Sat-Tue) 2018 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 2018香港貿發局香港秋季燈飾展

26-29 Oct 2018 (Fri-Mon) 2018 HKTDC Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo 2018 香港貿發局香港國際戶外及科技照明博覽
25-28 Oct 2018 (Thu-Sun) Eco Expo: International Trade Fair on Environmental Protection, AsiaWorld Expo
25 Oct 2018 (Thu) HKCA/HKIOA Smart Construction for Quiet Symposium (SCQ 2018) [PDF]
23 Oct 2018 (Tue) Electrical Division Symposium 2018 - Electrical Engineering Digitalization A, B & C [PDF]
20 Oct 2018 (Sat) HKIE-GED Technical Visit to Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital [MS Word]
20 Oct 2018 (Sat) HKIE-SSC Visit to the Construction Innovation & Technology Application Centre [PDF]
11-12 Oct 2018 (Thu, Fri) BEC BREEAM In-Use Assessor Training [website]

11 Oct 2018 (Tue) HKIE-BSD/BD Joint Technical Seminar on 3D Scanning for SMART Building Services [PDF]
9 Oct-15 Nov 2018 Joint Comprehensive Certificate Course (JCCC) Course on Fire Services System in Smart City 2018 [PDF]
8 Oct 2018 (Mon) HKIE MCD Technical Visit to HK Children’s Hospital [website]
6 Oct 2018 (Sat) HKIE-FED Technical Visit to International Commerce Centre (ICC)
30 Aug-3 Oct 2018 Hong Kong Green Building Week 2018
Sep 28 Sep 2018 (Fri) Joint Safety, Health and Environment Seminar 2018 [website]
24-30 Sep 2018 World Green Building Week
22 Sep 2018 (Sat) HKIE-BD Technical Visit to Tai Kwun (The former Central Police Station) [PDF]
14 Sep 2018 (Fri) HKIE CAD/AMC/END Seminar: Smart Lighting Solutions Contribution to Building Retrofit & I.O.T. [website]
14 Sep 2018 (Fri) CIBSE-HKB YEN Technical Workshop on Lift & Escalator Modernization [website]
13-14 Sep 2018 (Thu-Fri) 6th International Energy Conference - Meeting the Challenges of Energy Transition Through Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration [PDF]

30 Aug-3 Oct 2018 Hong Kong Green Building Week 2018
Aug 30 Aug-3 Oct 2018 Hong Kong Green Building Week 2018
29 Aug 2018 (Wed) BSOMES/HKLPPA/PolyU-BSE Technical Seminar for “New Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings by WSD and Maintenance of Water Pipes & System in Building” (大廈優質供水認可計劃及樓宇水務喉管與系統保養) [PDF]
24 Aug 2018 (Fri) British Standards Institution (BSI) Building Information Modeling (BIM) Conference [PDF]
24 Aug 2018 (Fri) HKIE-CAD/AMC/EVD Seminar: Unleashing the Potential of Hybrid Reality to Smart City Applications [website]
17-18 Aug 2018 (Fri-Sat) ASHRAE Region XIII – 21st Chapters Regional Conference, Crown Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East [PDF]
17 Aug 2018 (Fri) Technical Seminar on "Building Retro-Commissioning for System Optimization" [PDF]
17 Aug 2018 (Fri) HKIE-AMC/CAD/EVD Technical Seminar: Plasma Technology for Air Purification [website]
15 Aug 2018 (Wed) HKIE-AMC Seminar: Smart Drainage Management System [website]
13 Aug 2018 (Mon) HKIE-MNC Technical Seminar on “Introduction to NEC4 Engineering Construction Contract” [website]
3 Aug 2018 BEC Introduction to BREEAM [website]
1-8 Aug 2019 (Wed-Wed) 屋宇署25周年樓宇資訊中心開放周 BD’s 25th Anniversary: Building Information Centre Open Week
Jul 26 Jul 2018 (Thu) HKIE-EVD Technical Seminar: E-saving Technology on “Renewable Energy Scheme Feed-in Tariff (FIT) - Design and Application in HK” [website]
25 Jul 2018 (Wed) HKIE-EL Div Seminar : Extracting Renewable Energy from the Oceans ‐ What is the potential ? [PDF]
21 Jul 2018 (Sat) HKIE-EL Div Technical Visit for The Murray Hotel [PDF]
16 Jul 2018 (Mon) HKIE-BSD Technical Seminar on Refinement of BEAM Plus New Buildings (NB) Assessment System [PDF]
5 Jul 2018 (Thu) HKIE-AMC, CAD & EVD Seminar on Evaluative Mediation in Construction Disputes [website]
Jun 25 Jun 2018 (Mon) HKIE EVD, AMC and CAD Technical Seminar: Green Filtration System for Cooling Towers and Prevention of Legionnaires [website]
22 Jun 2018 (Fri) HKIE AMC, EVD and CAD Technical Seminar: The Ways to solve for Water Hammering in Water Supply system [website]
20 Jun 2018 (Wed) ACEHK Annual Seminar on "Transforming Hong Kong into a Smart City with Digital Engineering"
12 Jun 2018 (Tue) HKIE-YMC Technical Seminar: Skeleton of Escalator and its Related Statutory Safety Requirements [website]
8-13 Jun 2018 (Fri-Wed) HKAEE Technical Visit 2018 - Energy Engineering at Shenyang, Liaoning Province, PRC [PDF]
8 Jun 2018 (Fri) ASHRAE Macao Chapter: Technical Seminar on LEED v4 Energy and Atmosphere Credits "Commissioning in Building Operations and Maintenance: Introduction to MBCx" [PDF]
6 Jun 2018 (Wed) ASHRAE-HKC/CIBSE-HKB/HKIE-BSD/PolyU-BSE Technical Seminar on Green Communities: Thermally Active Structures & Sustainable Infrastructure [PDF]
5, 7, 12 & 14 Jun 2018
(Tue, Thu) BEC/ASHRAE-HKC/Platinum Comprehensive Certificate Course on Implementation of ASHRAE Standards for LEED Assessment [PDF]
May 19 May 2018 (Sat) THEi Urban Sustainability Seminar Series - 01: Smart City and Livability [PDF]
18 May 2018 (Fri) ASHRAE-HKC/CIBSE-HKB/HKIE-BSD/PolyU-BSE Technical Seminar on “Basics of Cleanroom Design” and “Considerations for Clean Air, Filtration and Energy Usage in IAQ” [PDF]
17 May 2018 (Wed) ASHRAE-HKC and MCO: Joint Chapters Half-Day Technical Seminar 2018 on High Performing Healthcare HVAC Systems [PDF]
15-16 May 2018 (Tue-Wed) 8th Symposium on Lift and Escalator Technologies, Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel, Hong Kong
9-11 May 2018 (Wed-Fri) Build4Asia 2018
8 May-19 Jun 2018 (Tue) CIE-HK Light Professional Short Courses 2018 [website]
5 May 2018 (Sat) CIArb / HKIS / HKIE / ICE HK / CIBSE HK (YEN) One Day Seminar on Contract Management 2018 [website]
4 May 2018 (Fri) IAEE/HKIE-BSD/PolyU-EE Joint CPD Seminar on “Personal Injuries and Construction Work” and “Mediation for Personal Injury Claims & Apology Ordinance” [PDF]
2 May 2018 (Wed) HKIE_FE Div Seminar: Latest Technology and Standard on Fire Resistance Cable [PDF]
Apr 30 Apr 2018 (Mon) HKIE-BSD AGM and technical talk on BIM of Current Building Construction Project, 7:00pm at Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room, the HKIE Headquarters [website][PDF]
27 Apr 2018 (Fri) HKIE-BSD BS One Day Seminar 2018 "Further Step beyond Green to Ecological City" [website]
24 Apr 2018 (Tue) HKUST Energy Day [flyer][schedule]
21 Apr 2018 (Sat) HKIE EG Div Technical Visit to CLP Low Carbon Energy Education Centre (LCEEC) [doc][register]
16, 23, 26 Apr 2018 (Mon, Thu) BEC Intensive Training on Acoustics in Green Buildings [PDF]
6-9 Apr 2018 (Fri-Mon) the 10th HK International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) 香港國際春季燈飾展 [invitation]
7 Apr 2018 (Sat) One Step Further: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Smart Lighting 人工智能與智能家居照明論壇 [PDF]
6 Apr 2018 (Fri) Asian Lighting Forum 2018 亞洲照明會議 2018 [PDF]

Mar 28 Mar 2018 (Wed) CIBSE-HKB Safety Seminar on Applying ISO 9001:2015 in Temporary Electricity Safety Standard [website]
24 Mar 2018 (Sat) ASHRAE-HKC/CIBSE-HKB/HKIE-BSD Joint Technical Visit to Schneider Electric “Innovation Hub” [PDF]
23 Mar 2018 (Fri) HKIE-YMC Young or Ready Series: Dialogue with Experienced Building Services Engineers [website]
23 Mar 2018 (Fri) ASHRAE-HKC AGM and Technical Talk: Sustainable Development – A Business Case for New and Existing Buildings [PDF]
23 Mar 2018 (Fri) HKIE EG and MC Div Technical Visit to Tseung Kwan O South-East New Territories (SENT) Landfill Gas Utilization Plant and Towngas Telecom (TGT) Hong Kong Data Center 2 [website]
12 Mar 2018 (Mon) HKIE-YMC Workshop on Professional Writing - Essential Skills to become ‘Ir’ (Session 2) [website]
9 Mar 2018 (Fri) Joint Symposium on BIM (Building Information Modelling), Energy Efficiency and Effectiveness to Facilities Management [website]
8 Mar 2018 (Thu) CIPHE-HKB/ASHRAE-HKC Technical Conference on Design and Maintain Engineering Systems to Reduce the Risk of Legionella Growth in Buildings [registration]
5 Mar 2018 (Mon) ASHRAE-HKC/CIBSE-HKB/HKIE-BSD Technical Seminar on Common Mistakes in BEC2015 Code Compliance [PDF]
3 Mar 2018 (Sat) ASHRAE-HKC/CIBSE-HKB/HKIE-BSD Joint Technical Visit to Tin Shui Wai Hospital (TSWH) [PDF]
28 Feb, 7, 14, 21 Mar 2018 (Wed) HKIE-YMC 工程普通話工作坊 [website]
Feb 28 Feb, 7, 14, 21 Mar 2018 (Wed) HKIE-YMC 工程普通話工作坊 [website]
24 Feb 2018 (Sat) HKIE EL Div Technical Visit to WSD Floating Photovoltaic System at Plover Cove Reservoir [PDF]
5 Feb 2018 (Mon) HKIE-CAI Technical Seminar: Connected BIM to steamline your workflows [website]
3 Feb 2018 (Sat) CIBSE-HKB YEN Technical Visit to Hilti Hong Kong Tool Service Centre and Firestop Design and Installation Technology Sharing [website]
30 Jan, 1, 6, 8 Feb 2018 (Tue, Thu) IHEEM-HKB Hospital Engineering CPD Course 2018 [website]
23, 30 Jan & 6, 13 Feb 2018 (Tue) HKIE-BSD/ENV/MMC Certificate Course on Energy Efficiency and Smart Technology [PDF]
2 Feb 2018 (Fri) HKIE-MNC Technical Seminar on Challenge of Fan Noise Reduction in Home Appliance Design [website]
1 Feb 2018 (Thu) CIBSE Technical Seminar on Latest Development of Lift Engineering [PDF]

Jan 30 Jan, 1, 6, 8 Feb 2018 (Tue, Thu) IHEEM-HKB Hospital Engineering CPD Course 2018 [website]
27 Jan 2018 (Sat) ASHRAE-HKC Technical Visit : Tin Shui Wai Hospital (TSWH) [PDF]
25 Jan 2018 (Thu) HKIE-BSD Technical Visit to BIM Centre and CITA Centre, Construction Industry Council [PDF]
23, 30 Jan & 6, 13 Feb 2018 (Tue) HKIE-BSD/ENV/MMC Certificate Course on Energy Efficiency and Smart Technology [PDF]
12 Jan 2018 (Fri) ASHRAE Night 2018 Technical Seminar - Emerging Trends in Transforming Sustainable Built Environment [PDF]
6 Jan 2018 (Sat) HKIE-YMC Technical Visit to Central Mail Centre (Kowloon Bay) [website]

International conferences: