BSE Events and Activities

New Additions Year 2024:
Nov 19 Nov 2024 (Tue) Hong Kong Joint Symposium 2024: Innovating and Revitalizing Productivity in Building Services with 3S (Smart, Sustainability and Safety) Solutions towards Carbon Neutrality, Call For Submission [PDF]
Aug 2 Aug 2024 (Fri) HKIE AMC Technical Visit to TECH FREE Air Conditioning Manufacturing Ltd. in Dongguan, China [PDF]
Jul 30 Jul 2024 (Tue) HKIE CA Div Technical Seminar & Webinar: Exploring Safety Improvements through Proactive Use of the Smart Site Safety System in Hong Kong
27 Jul 2024 (Sat) HKIE YMC MD2024 Series: Visit to Towngas Tai Po Plant and Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital
6 Jul 2024 (Sat) HKIE AMC Technical Visit to Mesan Cooling Tower Factory in Dongguan and High-Performance A/C Plant at Po Park in Guangzhou [PDF]

1-2 Jul 2024 (Mon-Tue) Yunnan (Kunming) HK Joint Symposium 2024
Jun 26-28 Jun 2024 (Wed-Fri) 37th Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) Conference 2024, Wroclaw, Poland
26 Jun 2024 (Wed) World Refrigeration Day 2024
8 Jun 2024 (Sat) HKIE FE Div Technical Visit - Demo Test on a Fire Rated Glass Product
4 Jun 2024 (Tue) HKIE FE Div Seminar on Fire Safety for Hydrogen
1 Jun 2024 (Sat) HKIE CV Div Seminar: Sustainable Development - Building a Smart and Livable City
May 28 May 2024 (Tue) HKIE CA Div Technical Seminar and Webinar: EV Charger Management for Smart Charging and Increasing the EV Chargers to Guarantee Power Quality
11 May 2024 (Sat) HKIE BD Div CPD Seminar for AI ChatGPT & Smart Site Safety System
9 May 2024 (Thu) IFMA-HK International Conference Integrate 2024
8-10 May 2024 (Wed-Fri) Build4Asia 2024 亞洲創新建築、電氣、保安科技展覽會, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
6 May 2024 (Mon) HKIE AMC Technical Seminar and Webinar on Green and Smart Water Pumping Solutions for Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings
4 May 2024 (Sat) HKIE MC Div Technical Visit to HK Electric Lamma Power Station
4 May 2024 (Sat) HKIE AMC Seminar on Water Valve Technology - From General Usage to Special Application
Apr 27 Apr 2024 (Sat) HKIE-SSC Technical Visit: Smart Site Safety & Project Management System in Shenzhen
26 Apr 2024 (Fri) HKIE-BSD Digital Twin Tour with BIM Viewer Training
26 Apr 2024 (Fri) HKIE ITD Technical Seminar: Embracing Disruption Seizing Opportunities with the Power of Collaboration, 5G, AR, and AI
24 Apr 2024 (Wed) ASHRAE-HKC International Conference on Building Data Acquisition , Ontology and Modeling
22-25 Apr 2024 (Mon-Thu) RoomVent2024, Stockholm, Sweden
13 Apr 2024 (Sat) HKIE BD Div Technical Visit to 惠州市榮康順建築材料製品有限公司
12-13 Apr 2024 (Fri-Sat) Digital Economy Summit (DES) 2024 - Smarter Technovation for ALL: Forging a Sustainable Future
12 Apr 2024 (Fri) HKIE CA Div Technical Webinar: AGI Unleashed - Transforming the Video Industries
12 Apr 2024 (Fri) HKIE AMC Technical Visit to Gree Manufacturing Plant (Air-conditioning & Home Appliances) in Zhuhai, China
12 Apr 2024 (Fri) ASHRAE-HKC Technical conference 2024 Decarbonization Challenge on Built Environment
11 Apr 2024 (Thu) HKIE FE Div Technical Seminar on Integrating Passive Firestop Systems for Sustainable Construction
11 Apr 2024 (Thu) HKIE MC Div Technical Seminar: Steps to Zero-Carbon Ready Building by Energy Audit & Chiller Plant Improvement
11 Apr 2024 (Thu) HKIE LTD Technical Visit at SmartMore Headquarters
8-10 Apr 2024 (Mon-Wed) 中国制冷展 China Refrigeration Expo, Beijing, China
6-9 Apr 2024 (Sat-Tue) Smart Lighting Expo 智慧照明博覽, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
6-9 Apr 2024 (Sat-Tue) HK International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) 2024 香港國際春季燈飾展