MEBS6000 Utility Services
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    Level: MSc(Eng)
    Duration: One semester
    Contact Hours: 2.5 hours per week
    Prerequisite: None
    Calendar Entry: Cold and hot water supply: water distribution systems, patterns of usage, estimation of requirements, simultaneous demand, storage capacity, pumping arrangements, calorifiers and water heaters; steam systems: low and high pressure systems, boilers and heat exchangers, steam supply piping and condensate return, insulation, steam trapping; drainage systems and sewage disposal: stormwater and sanitary drainage systems, rainfall intensity, simultaneous sanitary discharge, sizing of drains and sewers, methods of sewage disposal, primary and secondary treatments; fuel gas supply: fuel gas properties, gas installation; security and alarm systems: security system planning and design, security devices; information technology in buildings: space and structural requirements, cabling management.
    Assessment Methods: Examination (80%), Continuous Assessment (20%)
    Course Website:
    Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Benjamin P. L. Ho (, Room 5-24, Haking Wong Bldg

    Educational Objectives:

    • To enable students to appreciate the various utility systems in the areas of water supply, sanitation and drainage, gaseous fuel, steam supply, security and access control system, etc.
    • To introduce students to the principles of design and operation of various utility systems.
    • To enable students carry out engineering design calculations in utility systems under the constraints of statutory requirements and professional guidelines
      To introduce students to various utility services installations in modern buildings.
    Learning Outcomes:
    • To explain the various utility service systems in water supply, sanitation and drainage, gaseous fuel system, steam system, security and access control system.
    • To carry out preliminary design and conduct engineering design calculations for the various utility service systems.
    • To critically evaluate the design of utility service systems.
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