SBS5397 Final Year Project 1 (BSE Conceptual Design)
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    concept design
    QF Level: 5
    Credit Points: 3
    Year: 4
    Pre-requisite: Nil
    Co-requisite: Nil
    Module Aim(s): The module aims to enable students to understand the local business environment and opportunities at present and near future.  Students are also able to identify the site constraints, infra-structure, and micro-environment/ climate through the site investigation.  It also equips students to master the design activities.  It also provides students opportunity to cooperate and communicate with teammates.
    Objectives: On completion of this Module, students are expected to be able to:
    1. identify the business drive of a building project and develop a client’s brief;
    2. analyse the activities occurring in a specific building type;
    3. formulate a methodology to analyse the site constraints, availabilities and locations of public utilities and facilities, logistics and environmental impacts as well as business environment for building design;
    4. conduct investigations during the building design process through the integration of the building and outdoor environment, and architectural features;  
    5. formulate a master plan for design activities of building services systems; and
    6. cooperate and communicate with teammates to finalise the conceptual design and present the results through written reports, drawings and oral presentation.
    Assessment Methods: • Business Plan Proposal (20%)
    Site Investigation Report (20%)
    Final Report (30%)
    Progress (10%)
    Oral Presentation (20%)
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