SBS5498 Final Year Project 2 (Applied Research Project)
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    QF Level: 5
    Credit Points: 3
    Year: 4
    Pre-requisite: Nil
    Co-requisite: Nil
    Module Aim(s): The module aims to provide an opportunity for students to develop skills in applied research and problem solving in major aspects of building services engineering which can integrate the technical design and research elements. It encourages critical investigation, analysis and synthesis in the professional context and the integration of knowledge gained in different subject areas. It will develop students’ skills in literature review, gap analysis, problem identification, objectives formulation, research methodology, project implementation, report writing and oral presentation. Moreover, the module promotes students’ creativity and the ability to generate new ideas. It also aims to inspire students to keep abreast of developments in the profession and pursue independent and life-long learning.
    Objectives: On completion of this Module, students are expected to be able to:
    1. critically analyse literature and research information relevant to the project theme;
    2. formulate a structured research methodology for theoretical or applied research and inquiry into the project;
    3. conduct investigations and generate ideas for the project work through integration of fundamental and specialised knowledge in wide domains;
    4. manage projects and formulate solutions for investigative work with consideration of the related issues, professional engineering practices, ethics and the need for sustainable development;
    5. command professional standards in the documentation and organization of information and present deliverables in a professional manner; and  
    6. reflect on personal commitment to engineering profession and the needs for life-long learning.
    Assessment Methods: • Project Proposal (10%)
    • Interim Report (20%)
    • Final Report (50%)
    • Oral Presentation (20%)

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