SPB4131 Electrical Services and Installation
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    QF Level: 4
    QF Credit: 12 (one module)
    Pre-requisite: Nil
    Co-requisite: Nil
    Module Aim(s): The module aims at providing students with fundamental theories in electrical and power supply with particular attentions given to basic electrical services and installation. The module is developed to fit students with various education backgrounds: it begins with introductory concepts in electricity and gradually advances to essential and more advance concepts for building services and installation. The overall objective of the module is to enable students to apply necessary electrical services knowledge and installation concepts for professional engineering work in relationship to the plumbing activities and prepare them for future study in Building Services Engineering.
    Objectives: On completion of this Module, students are expected to be able to:
    1. apply basic DC and AC circuit theories and select appropriate principles and laws to solve electrical engineering problems;
    2. calculate the current and power of three phase balanced power supply system;
    3. evaluate the system performance of extra low voltage systems; and
    4. evaluate and analyse the reliability of various protection measures of lighting in buildings.
    Assessment Methods: Coursework (40%) -- Test, Assignment, Practical exercise
    Examination (60%)
    Course Website: http://ibse.hk/SPB4131/


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