SPB5151 Advanced Electrical Installations
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    QF Level: 5
    QF Credit: 12 (one module)
    Pre-requisite: Nil
    Co-requisite: Nil
    Module Aim(s): This module provides students with functional knowledge and abilities for the planning and design of the layout of power distribution systems, transformers, and electrical circuit arrangements for various types of building in Hong Kong.  The module also aims to provide student with the abilities and functional knowledge in carry out and evaluate electrical installations in accordance to relevant Regulations and Standards in Hong Kong.  In addition, the application of lighting requirements and the operation characteristics of light sources for various types of building will be discussed.
    Objectives: On completion of this Module, students are expected to be able to:
    1. plan and design the layout of power distribution system, electrical circuit, and wiring system for building in compliance with the relevant Ordinances, Regulations, CoP for the Electricity (Wiring) Regulations, supply rules and standards which are currently applied to electrical installations in Hong Kong;
    2. examine and evaluate common electrical installations in accordance with CoP for the Electricity (Wiring) Regulations;
    3. apply the lighting requirement and operating characteristics of light sources to the design of lighting layout and lux level of indoor spaces;
    4. identify, analyze and design three-phase balanced and unbalanced circuits of major three-phase electrical power systems for buildings; and
    5. analyze and evaluate the performance characteristics of transformers and electric machines using appropriate equivalent circuit models.
    Assessment Methods: Assignment (20%)
    Mini Project (40%)
    Examination (40%)
    Course Website: http://ibse.hk/SPB5151/


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