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    Resources (Fire Services)

    Reference Books:
    • BD, 2011. Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Buildings 2011, Buildings Department (BD), Hong Kong. https://www.bd.gov.hk/en/resources/codes-and-references/codes-and-design-manuals/e_fs2011.html
    • CIBSE, 2019. Fire Safety Engineering, CIBSE Guide E, 4th ed., Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, London. [HKALL]
    • FSD, 2012. Minimum Fire Service Installations and Equipment and Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Installations and Equipment, Fire Services Department (FSD), Hong Kong. https://www.hkfsd.gov.hk/eng/fire_protection/notices/code.html
    • Hurley M. J. (ed.), 2016. SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering, Fifth Edition, Springer, New York. [HKALL]
    • Jones A. M. Jr., 2015. Fire Protection Systems, Jones & Bartlett Learning, Burlington, MA. [HKALL]
    • Lataille J. I., 2003. Fire Protection Engineering in Building Design, Butterworth-Heinemann, Amsterdam. [HKALL]
    • NFPA, 2008. Fire Protection Handbook, 20th Edition, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Boston, MA. [HKALL]
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