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Teaching and Learning

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    Teaching and Learning

    BSE Academic Programmes in Hong Kong:

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses

    Undergraduate Courses at HKU
    • BBSE3009/4409 Project Management and Engineering Economics http://ibse.hk/bbse3009/
    • MECH3010/4410 Engineering and Technology Management http://ibse.hk/MECH3010/
    • MECH3417 Industrial training [BSE related training]
    • MECH3422 Building Services Engineering I [Utility services, electrical services, lighting systems] http://ibse.hk/MECH3422/
    • MECH3423 Building Services Engineering II [HVAC, fire services] http://ibse.hk/MECH3423/
    • MECH3429 Air conditioning and refrigeration
    • MECH3430 Fire protection in buildings
    • MECH3431 Utility services in buildings
    • MECH3428 Research Experience for Undergraduates (optional) [on BSE topic] http://ibse.hk/REU/
    • MECH3023/4423 Building Energy Management and Control Systems http://ibse.hk/mech3023/
    • MECH4429 Integrated Capstone Experience (12 credits) [on BSE topic] http://ibse.hk/capstone/

    Postgraduate Courses at HKU
    • HKU Engg Taught Postgraduate https://engg.hku.hk/Teaching-Learning/TPg
    • HKU MSc(Eng) https://msc.engg.hku.hk/
    • Important Academic Dates https://aao.hku.hk/important-academic-dates/
    • MEBS6000 Utility Services http://ibse.hk/MEBS6000/
    • MEBS6001 Electrical Installations
    • MEBS6002 Lighting Engineering
    • MEBS6003 Project Management
    • MEBS6004 Built Environment
    • MEBS6005 Building Automation Systems
    • MEBS6006 Environmental Services I (replaced by MEBS7012 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) http://ibse.hk/MEBS6006/
    • MEBS6008 Environmental Services II (replaced by MEBS7014 Advanced HVAC Applications) http://ibse.hk/MEBS6008/
    • MEBS6010 Indoor Air Quality
    • MEBS6011 Maintenance and Management of Building Facilities
    • MEBS6013 Testing and Commissioning
    • MEBS6014 Computer Modelling and Simulation
    • MEBS6015 Natural and Hybrid Ventilation of Buildings
    • MEBS6016 Energy Performance of Buildings http://ibse.hk/MEBS6016/
    • MEBS6017 Building Intelligence
    • MEBS6018 Clean Electrical Energy and Smart-grids for Buildings
    • MEBS6019 Extra-low-voltage Electrical Systems in Buildings
    • MEBS6020 Sustainable Building Design http://ibse.hk/MEBS6020/
    • MEBS6021 Fire Services Design I (replaced by MEBS7013 Fire Service Installations)
    • MEBS6022 Fire Services Design II (replaced by MEBS7015 Fire Science and Smoke Control)
    • MEBS6023 Dissertation
    • MEBS7010 Vertical Transportation and Drive
    • MEBS7011 Communication Technology in Building Services
    • MEBS7012 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration http://ibse.hk/MEBS7012/
    • MEBS7013 Fire Service Installations
    • MEBS7014 Advanced HVAC Applications http://ibse.hk/MEBS7014/
    • MEBS7015 Fire Science and Smoke Control
    • MECH7012 Principles of Engineering Management

    Postgraduate Courses at HKUST

    Undergraduate Courses at THEi (selected ones)

    Resources for Students:


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