SPD5152 Industry-Based Student Project
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    QF Level: 5
    QF Credit: 25 (two modules)
    Pre-requisite: Nil
    Co-requisite: Nil
    Module Aim(s): This module aims to provide an industry-based student project (IBSP) for students to develop working and research skills in identifying, diagnosing and solving industry based engineering problems. It provides an opportunity for students to develop their techniques of investigation, analysis and synthesis in the engineering context and the integration of knowledge gained in different subject areas. Moreover, the module nurtures students’ ability to work independently under realistic engineering working environment.
    Objectives: On completion of this Module, students are expected to be able to:
    1. integrate and apply knowledge and skills learned in the Programme and experience gained from industrial attachment to solve plumbing engineering and building services related problems through different stages of development, including literature and information search, design, fabrication, testing and evaluation with exposure to current developments in the industry locally or in Mainland China;
    2. implement relevant aspects of project management including scheduling, market/user requirements, product/project costing, documentation;
    3. work individually and as a team member on realization of project tasks with due reflection on engineering and environmental issues; and
    4. produce formal written report and give oral presentations describing the work.
    Assessment Methods: • Reflective Journal (15%)
    • Presentation (15%)
    • Final Report (70%)
    Course Website: http://ibse.hk/SPD5152/


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