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Lab Equipment and Facilities


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    Laboratory Equipment and Facilities
    BSE Labs2 BSE
    Laboratory Equipment:

    Mechanical Engineering Fundamental:
    - Cross Flow Heat Exchanger System (H352/230) [website]
    Aerodynamics Engineering System (F100/230 Airflow System Base Unit) [website]

    - Air Conditioning Training System (A660/415) [website]
    - Vapour Jet Refrigerator / Heat Pump System (R853/230) [website]
    Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Unit: Change of State in the Refrigeration Circuit (GUNT Hamburg ET350) [website]
    - Handheld Whirling Hygrometer EZ-9061 x 6 sets [website]

    Indoor Air Quality:
    - Thermal Anemometer TA410 x 2 sets [website]
    - IAQ-CALC Indoor Air Quality Meter 7545 [website]
    - AQ PRO Handheld IAQ Monitor AQPROC2-C-S [website]
    - Hot Wire Anemometer BENETECH GM8903 [website]
    - Hot Wire Anemometer CEM DT-8880 [website][PDF]
    - Hot Film
    Anemometer SmartSensor AR866 [website]
    - HOBO Bluetooth Low Energy Carbon Dioxide - Temp - RH Data Logger MX1102 http://www.onsetcomp.com/co2
    - Yorter AIR-6301 6-in-1 air detector (HCHO/TVOC/PM2.5/PM10/Thermo/Hygro detector)

    - Yorter WP-6910 5-in-1 air detector (HCHO/TVOC/PM2.5/PM10/PM1 detector)

    Piped Services:
    - Hydraulics Engineering System (100/230 HB100 Hydraulics Bench) [website]
      - Video: HB100 HYDRAULICS BENCH (2:58) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBEPCxsuymc
    - Ultasonic Flow Meter with Clamp-On Transducer (780-1001) [website]
    - CANIN+ Corrosion Analysing Instrument with road electrode EC-90048 [website]

    Electrical Services:
    - PROTEK Oscilloscope 6502S x 5 sets, 5 low voltage power supply, 10 capacitor box, 10 resistor box, 10 inductor box
    - Demonstration electric motor x 5 sets
    Resipod Resistivity Meter (38110000) [website]
    - Leybold Lamp and Appliance Circuits (T4.1.1.1) [website]
    Signal Generator LUTRON FG-2003 x 5 sets [website]
    - Inductance-Capacitance-Resistance (LCR) Meter LCR-9183 x 5 sets [PDF]
    - HIOKI Digital Multimeter DT4211 x 3 sets [website]

    - CEM DT-1309 Auto Ranging Light Meter with USB [website] [PDF]
    - Digital Light Meter
    LUTRON LX-1108 x 6 sets [website][PDF]

    Acoustics and Noise Control:
    - Class 1 Optimus Green Integrating Sound Level Meter (CR:171C, CR:515, CT:9)
    Class 1 Optimus Red Sound Level Meter CK:161D [website]
    - Yorter sound level meter TL-200 [website]

    Testing and Commissioning:
    - PANDA (Positive and Negative Duct Accreditation) Duct Leakage Tester with TA465-P (TSI PAN341) [website]
    - TSI Airflow Air Capture Hood PH731-STA [website]
    - VELOCICALC Multi-Functin Ventilator Meter 9565 [website]
    - DT82EM Series 3 Data Logger [PDF]
    - Moisture Meter Extech MO50 x 2 sets [website]
    - Laser Distance Meter (Mileseey S6) x 3 sets [website]

    Computers and Software Tools:

    - Tower Computer LENOVO ThinkStation P310 i7-6700, 8Gx2, 2TB, K2200, DVDRW x 9 sets [website]
    - Tower Computer LENOVO ThinkStation P310 i7-6700, 8Gx4, 2TB, K2200, DVDRW x 2 sets
    - ACER 27" Wide Screen WLED Monitor G276HL x 11 sets [website]

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