SPB5113 Professional Development
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Professional Development


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    SPB5113 Professional Development (non-credit-bearing) (attend seminars)
    (Image source: HKIE)
    Module Aim(s):
    • The module aims at introducing to students the conduct, ethics and responsibilities as professional engineers, preparing them for career development in building services engineering.  The module is non-credit-bearing.
    Module Learning Outcomes:
    • On completion of this Module, students are expected to be able to:
      • 1. understand the professional ethics and responsibilities of the engineering profession;
      • 2. develop a sustainable competence in professional development
    Professional Development Requirement:
    • Professional Development (non-credit bearing): Students are required to attend internal seminars organized by the Institute and/or public seminars organized by professional bodies (such as HKIE, CIBSE and ASHRAE). Each student should attend at least 10 hours of seminars during their entire period of study. Copies of the attendance certificates or proof of the seminars or equivalent activities for continuing professional development (CPD) should be submitted for assessment. The module is assessed on a Pass/Fail basis. A pass in this module is required for graduation from the Programme.
    • Submission of documents:
      • Students should submit the completed list of professional seminars/activities and the scanned images of CPD or attendance certificates to the Faculty Office.
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