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    What's New

    Dec 2016
    • Student Zone: Career Development:
      • 內地暑期工作實 習計劃 Industrial Attachment in Mainland China 2017 [Poster]
    • Student Zone: VTC - Office 365 for Student http://cnatools.vtc.edu.hk/CNAPortal/intro_o365/
      • 50GB mailbox and enjoy a fully installed Office function and feature.
      • Each student can install Office 365 on 5 PCs / Macs, 5 tablets (Windows, iPad, and Android), and 5 smart phones.
      • 1TB online storage – OneDrive to store and share homework, project materials from all your devices
    • NOTICE: Professional Diploma in Plumbing Engineering for Building Services, PD-PEBS [ST525104] 屋宇設備與水務工程專業文憑
      • Application deadline for the 2016-17 intake: 31 Dec 2016 (Sat) [Teaching will start in Semester 2 of 2016-2017 which will commence on 16 Jan 2017.]
      • Engineering Training Subsidy Scheme (ETSS) 工程專才進修資助計劃 http://cpe.vtc.edu.hk/en/component/banners/click/67
    • BSE Events and Activities: New additions:
      • 16 Feb_14 Mar 2017 (Thu) HKIE Fire Division CPD Training Course 2017 [PDF]
      • 10 Jan 2017 (Tue) CIBSE One-day Seminar on New CIBSE Lighting Guide and Applications [website]
      • 19 Dec 2016 (Mon) HKIE-FED Seminar: Testing Criteria on Fire Rated Material to Meet with International Standard [PDF]
    Nov 2016
    • BSE Events and Activities: New additions:
      • 10 Dec 2016 (Sat) ASHRAE HKC Technical Seminar on Introduction to Ice Rink Design [PDF]
      • 7 Dec 2016 (Wed) ASHRAE-HKC/CIBSE-HKB/HKIE-BSD Joint Technical Seminar on Application of ZigBee IoT on Lighting Control and Future Smart Buildings [PDF]
    • NOTICE: VTC Halls of Residence Open Day 2016 職業訓練局學生舍堂開放日2016 [PDF]
      • 12 Nov 2016 (Sat), 25-26 Nov 2016 (Fri-Sat), 2-3 Dec 2016 (Fri-Sat), 9-10 Dec 2016 (Fri-Sat)
      • Tsing Yi: 22 Tsing Yi Road, TsingYi Island, New Territories, Hong Kong (Adjacent to THEi(Tsing Yi)
      • Pokfulam: 145 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong (Adjacent to VTC Pokfulam Complex)
    • BSE Events and Activities: New additions:
      • 16 Dec 2016 (Fri) EMSD 2016 Technical Forum on Control and Practice of Fresh Water Cooling Towers and Buildings Energy Efficiency [PDF]
      • 12 Dec 2016 (Mon) ASHRAE-HKC/CIBSE-HKB/HKIE-BSD Joint Technical Seminar on “Update of Refrigerant Trend in Split Type Unit” [website]
      • 28 Nov 2016 (Mon) CIBSE-YEN Technical Seminar Series – Application of 3D Scanner on BIM and Building Industry [website]
      • 26 Nov 2016 (Sat) ASHRAE HKC Joint Student Branches Technical Visit to Daikin Huizhou Factory [PDF]
      • 23 Nov 2016 (Wed) THEi Technical Seminar: HVAC Design for Super High-rise Buildings [PDF]
    • NOTICE: THEi Info Day 資訊日 2016 http://www.thei.edu.hk/infoday
      • 12 Nov 2016 (Sat) and 2-3 Dec 2016 (Fri-Sat)
    • BSE Events and Activities: New additions:
      • 5-7 Jun 2017 (Mon-Wed) World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017, Hong Kong http://wsbe17hongkong.hk/
      • 6 Dec 2016 (Tue) BSOMES: The 7th Greater Pearl River Delta Conference on Building Operation and Maintenance [PDF][website]
      • 22 Nov 2016 (Tue) Hong Kong Joint Symposium 2016 - Building A Smarter city via Latest Technologies [website][Call for Submission]
      • 21, 23 Nov and 5, 7 Dec 2016 (Mon, Wed) IMechE-HKB Certificate Course in Lift Systems [website]
      • 18 Nov 2016 (Fri) ASHRAE-HKC/BEAM Society Technical Seminar on Sustainable HVAC System Design [PDF]
      • 16 Nov 2016 (Wed) ASHRAE Distinguished Lecture Series: Fundamentals of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation for Air and Surface Disinfection [PDF]
      • 14-30 Nov 2016 (Mon, Wed) ASHRAE-HKC/BEAM Society/BEC IEE/BSOMES Comprehensive Certificate Course for BEAM Plus on Energy Use (EU) 2016 [website][PDF]
      • 4 Nov 2016 (Fri) HKIE EV Seminar: Green Building Development and Certification in Hong Kong [PDF]
    Oct 2016
    • NOTICE: Experiential Learning on Site Safety 2016-2017
      • Training Programme Rundown [PDF]
    • BSE Events and Activities: New additions:
      • 5 Nov 2016 (Sat) Exchange seminar on professional development of plumbing industry [PDF]
    Sep 2016
    • BSE Events and Activities: New additions:
      • 10-13 Nov 2016 (Thu-Sun) HKIE FE Div Oversea Technical Visit to Xi'an, China [PDF]
      • 8 Oct 2016 (Sat) HKIE FE Div Technical Visit to Ho Man Tin Station [PDF]
    • Web Links: Web links for Building Information Modelling (BIM) http://ibse.hk/weblinks_BIM.htm
    • NOTICE: Briefing on Ten-year Hospital Development Plan held on 15 September 2016 (Hospital Authority) http://www.ha.org.hk/haho/ho/snp/v3/briefing.html
      • Growing demand for Building Services Engineers for the hospital projects
    • NOTICE: Timetable for THEi BEng(BSE) students -- AY2016-17 Semester 1 [PDF]
    • Student Zone: ASHRAE Student Membership [www.ashrae.org/students/]
      • Student Member Benefits
        • Access to members-only web pages
        • Discounts for student members on select publications
        • Networking with local ASHRAE Chapters and student branches
        • Monthly ASHRAE Journal – print and digital
        • HVAC&R Industry and Society Connections eNewsletters
        • Society and chapter-level scholarships
        • Student Design Competition
        • Complimentary ASHRAE Annual and Winter Conference registration (AHR Expo, Student Program, Technical Sessions)
    • BSE Events and Activities: New additions:
      • 20 Sep 2016 (Tue) HKIE YMC Technical Seminar on Fire Safety of Old Industrial Buildings [website]
      • 19 Sep 2016 (Mon) ASHRAE-HKC/CIBSE-HKB/HKIE-BSD Joint Technical Seminar on Building Energy Code( BEC) 2015 and Technical Guidelines for the BEC 2015 [website]
    Aug 2016
    • Student Zone: THEi Student Support:
    • BSE Events and Activities: New additions:
      • 27 Oct 2016 (Thu) HKIE MI Div Technical Seminar: Factory Fire Safety and Surveillance Systems [website]
      • 7 Oct 2016 (Fri) CIPHE-HKB/HKIE MC Div Seminar on Green Designs of Hot Water Systems [website]
      • 23 Sep 2016 (Fri) (11 Friday evenings starting from 23 Sep 2016) MCIArb Course for HKIE Members: Module 1: Law of Obligations and Civil Evidence, Module 2: Law of International Arbitration [doc]
      • 23 Sep 2016 (Fri) HKIE StructDiv One-day Seminar on Fire Safety, Control and Engineering [PDF]
      • 6 Sep 2016 (Tue) HKIE FireDiv Seminar: A Case Study on Hong Kong International Airport – Midfield Concourse [PDF]
    • Student Zone: Notices:
      • Building Services Engineering Society, THEi SU - Meteor 樓昇宇
      • CIBSE Student Membership, http://www.cibse.org/membership/find-your-grade/student-grade
        • CIBSE student membership is free to full time students for the duration of their course and a significantly reduced rate for part time students.
        • Benefits of CIBSE student membership:
          • Free subscription to the CIBSE Journal (electronic copy sent monthly), and the Student ENewsletter
          • Free and unlimited access to the CIBSE Knowledge Portal
          • Countless networking opportunities
          • Extensive opportunities for professional development
          • Substantial discounts
      • Autodesk Education Community (free education license of Autodesk software for students and educators) http://www.autodesk.com/education/
    • NOTICE: 20 Aug 2016 (Sat), BSE Briefing 2016, Lecture Theatre LT-4, THEi Tsing Yi Campus [PDF]
      • This briefing session will introduce the major professional institutions of building services engineering (BSE) to enable the students to understand the BSE industry and future career development. Participants will be able to meet and discuss with the academic staff, representatives from the professional institutions, and other students.
    • BSE Events and Activities: New additions:
      • 22 Nov 2016 (Tue) Hong Kong Joint Symposium 2016 - Building A Smarter city via Latest Technologies [website][Call for Submission]
      • 30 Sep-2 Oct 2016 (Fri-Sun): ASHRAE Region XIII Chapters Regional Conference (CRC), Bangkok, Thailand
      • 16 Sep 2016 (Fri) CIPHE Professional 1 Day Training Platform - Healthy Plumbing and Drainage Design [website]
      • 13 Sep-31 Oct 2016 Comprehensive Certificate Course on Plumbing & Drainage Systems 2016 [website][PDF]
    Jul 2016
    • Student Zone: Awards and Scholarships
    • Engineering Training Subsidy Scheme (ETSS) 工程專才進修資助計劃 http://cpe.vtc.edu.hk/en/component/banners/click/67
      • In order to further encourage continuing education, the HKSAR Government has approved the implementation of a pilot scheme to provide tuition fee subsidy for three cohorts of students admitted starting from the 2016/17 academic year to designated professional part-time programmes offered by VTC, covering programmes in the disciplines of construction and engineering. Successful applicants will be refunded 60% of the tuition fees of eligible programmes, subject to a maximum of $45,000 per person.
      • Details in a brochure [PDF]
      • Our programme is included under ETSS: Professional Diploma in Plumbing Engineering for Building Services, PD-PEBS [ST525104] 屋宇設備與水務工程專業文憑 [Info on THEi website] (QF Level 5)
    • Establishment of ibse.hk website.

    • Not available

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