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    Building Information Modelling (BIM) 建築資訊模型

    Building information modeling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. A BIM is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. Use of BIM goes beyond the planning and design phase of the project, extending throughout the building life cycle, supporting processes including cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation.

    建築資訊模型(Building Information Modeling,簡稱BIM),被定義成由完全和充足信息構成以支持生命週期管理,並可由電腦應用程序直接解釋的建築或建築工程資訊模型。簡言之,即數 位技術支撐的對建築環境的生命週期管理。它是建築過程的數位展示方式來協助數位資訊交流及合作。

    BIM definitions:
    - Shared digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of any built object (including buildings, bridges, roads, etc.) which forms a reliable basis for decisions. (BS ISO 29481-1 2010)
    - A Building Information Model is a rich information model, consisting of potentially multiple data sources, elements of which can be shared across all stakeholders and be maintained across the life of a building from inception to recycling (cradle to cradle). The information model can include contract and specification properties, personnel, programming, quantities, cost, spaces and geometry. (NBS, 2010)

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    • ebooks:
    • Guides:
    • Journals:
    • Research papers & presentations:
      • Hui, S. C. M., 2019. New opportunities of using building information modelling (BIM) for green buildings, paper accepted for the 15th Asia Pacific Conference on the Built Environment: 5R Technology for Building Environment, 18–19 October 2019 (Fri-Sat), Kaohsiung, Taiwan. [PDF]; Presentation file [PDF]
      • Hui, S. C. M., 2019. The Good, The Bad and The Future of BIM, HKIE Electrical Division & Building Services Division Technical Talk, 23 May 2019 (Thu), Room FJ301, PolyU. [PDF]
      • Hui, S. C. M., 2019. BIM Development and Trends in Hong Kong, ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter Annual General Meeting: Technical Talk, ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter Annual General Meeting: Technical Talk. [PDF]
      • Hui, S. C. M., 2018. From BIM to VDC: strategies for innovation and transformation, Paper presented at the Joint Symposium 2018: Innovative Technology Fusion for Next Challenging Century, 21 Nov 2018 (Wed), Hong Kong. http://hkjs.com.hk/ [PDF]
    • Study reports:
      • Position Statement P-05-11, "Building Information Modeling and Fire Protection Engineering," Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Bethesda, MD, 20814. [PDF]
      • Research Study Report - Towards Adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Building Services Engineering in Hong Kong [PDF]
    Resources Software Technologies Training (in Hong Kong) Training (in Mainland China)
    • 中国BIM培训网 http://www.bimcn.org/
    • 中国建设教育协会 Chinese Association of Construction Education http://www.ccen.com.cn/
      • 全国BIM应用 技能考试说明 http://www.ccen.com.cn/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=272&id=1717
      • 全国BIM应用 技能考试介绍 http://www.bimcn.org/jineng/
        • 一级BIM 建模
          • 土建类 及相关专业在校学生,建筑业从业人员。
        • 二级专业BIM应用
          • 专业 BIM应用考评分为BIM建筑规划与设计应用、BIM结构应用、BIM设备应用、BIM工程管理应 用(土建)、BIM工程管理应用(安装)五种类型
          • 具备下 列条件之一者,可以申请参加BIM专项应用考试:
            1. 通过BIM建模应用考试或具有BIM相关工作经验3年以上。
            2. 取得全国范围或省级地方工程建设相关职业或执业资格证书,如一级或二级建造师、造价工程师、监理工程师、一级或二级注册建筑师、注册结构工程师、注册设备 工程师等。
        • 三级综合BIM应用
          • 具备下 列条件之一者,可以申请参加BIM综合应用考试:
            1. 通过专业BIM应用考试并具有BIM相关工作经验3年以上。
            2. 工程建设相关专业专科及以上学历毕业,并具有BIM相关工作经验5年以上。
            3. 取得全国范围工程建设相关职业或执业资格证书,如一级建造师、造价工程师、监理工程师、一级注册建筑师、注册结构工程师、注册设备工程师等。
            4. 取得工程师及以上级别职称评定,并具有BIM相关工作经验3年。
    • 中国图学学会 China Graphics Society http://www.cgn.net.cn/
      • 全国BIM技能 考试 Certificate of BIM Skill Proficiency Test -- 每年两次考试,一般在6月和12月 http://www.bimcn.org/bimks/
        • 一级为 BIM建模师 (Level 1): 一级建筑
          • 连续从 事BIM建模或相关工作1年以上者;不少于300小时的培训时间。
        • 二级为 BIM高级建模师 (Level 2): 二级建筑, 二级设备, 二级结构
          • 已取得 本技能一级考核证书,且达到本技能二级所推荐的培训时间; 连续从事BIM建模和应用相关工作2年以上者。
        • 三级为 BIM应用设计师 (Level 3): 三级建筑, 三级机电, 三级结构
    • International Construction Management (ICM) Institute http://www.the-icm.com/
    • Companies:
    • University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) http://www.nottingham.edu.cn
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