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    Professional Diploma in Building Services Engineering (QF Level 5), PD-BSE 屋宇設備工程專業文憑
    BSE articulation
    • Professional Diploma in Building Services Engineering (QF Level 5), PD-BSE [ST525105] 屋宇設備工程專業文憑
      • https://www.thei.edu.hk/programme/construction-technology-and-engineering/professional-diploma-in-building-services-engineering
      • Part-time mode (20 months / 5 semesters), launched in Sep 2017
      • An effective top-up or conversion path into the BSE discipline
      • Suitable for candidates who do not have adequate educational background in BSE (such as graduates from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or other related disciplines)
      • Benchmark to BEng-BSE Year 1 and 2
      • Graduates of the PD-BSE programme with good academic performance can apply for direct entry to the senior year of the Bachelor degree study
      • Brief introduction (update: 14 Mar 2019) [PDF]
      • Recognised under the Qualifications Framework, QF Level: 5, QR Registration No.: 17/000503/L5, Validity Period: 01/09/2017 to 31/08/2022
      • Engineering Training Subsidy Scheme (ETSS) 工程專才進修資助計劃: Students studying this Programme may apply for ETSS of the HKSAR Government. Successful applicants will be refunded 60% of the tuition fees, subject to a maximum of $45,000 per person.
      • Application for 2019-2020 intake --- Deadline: 1 Aug 2019 (Thu)
        • Pamphlet [PDF], Application Form [PDF]
        • Late application period: 2-31 Aug 2019 (subject to availability of study places)
      • Advanced Standing & Credit Transfer/Module Exemption:
        • Students may apply for advanced standing upon their initial enrolment on the programme and they are required to provide a copy of the relevant academic qualification(s) and curriculum(s) to substantiate the application and present the original academic qualification(s) for verification. A module mapping will then be conducted to ensure there is at least 70% similarity between the two modules in curriculum contents and module learning outcomes. The institution that offers the programme/module(s) used for claiming exemption should be a recognised post-secondary institution. The applicant should normally have obtained a grade equivalent to B- (or a Grade Point of 2.7) or above in the module before the application for exemption is considered.
        • For the English Language modules, students with appropriate test results from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE), or their equivalents, may apply for exemption.  However, the results for the score of IELTS or TOEFL must not be more than two years from the date of the test or final examination and the date of commencement of study at the Institute. Students must provide a copy of the IELTS or HKALE test result. Those with a TOEFL test score must organise for the Institute to receive an original copy of the official TOEFL score report.
        • Basic information http://www.thei.edu.hk/prospective-students/advanced-standing-credit-transfer
        • More information: Please refer to Section 3.6 Advanced Standing of the THEi Student Handbook
        • Application form: THEi-004 -- Application for Advanced Standing (from the student portal) [PDF]

    The PD-BSE Programme aims to enable students to acquire a solid understanding and foundation in both practical and theoretical knowledge in building services engineering (BSE) to serve the manpower needs of the building services industry in Hong Kong. At QF Level 5, it is developed with a strong vocational orientation to provide students with the necessary engineering and managerial knowledge and skills to pursue careers in BSE.

    Programme Objectives (POs):
    • PO1: Equip students with a solid knowledge and understanding of the theories, methods and practices of building services engineering that will prepare them for their careers in the building services industry;
    • PO2: Provide students with the engineering knowledge and technical skills in the design, installation, commissioning, and operation of building services systems for buildings in the HKSAR;
    • PO3: Develop studentsí ability in professional practice, where a combination of engineering, management, communication, leadership, teamwork and other skills are required for solving engineering problems in building services;
    • PO4: Develop studentsí ability to appreciate how environmental aspects, technical and other factors influence various building services and engineering issues; and
    • PO5: Strengthen studentsí commitment to protect the environment and keep abreast of developments in the profession.
    Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs):
    • PLO1: Apply knowledge and understanding of fundamental mathematics, computing, economics, science and engineering principles that underpin the study of building services engineering;
    • PLO2: Utilise appropriate knowledge, skills and techniques to design, analyse, install, commission and maintain building services engineering works in familiar and unfamiliar contexts;
    • PLO3: Solve building services related problems using appropriate engineering and economic principles, and designing systems/products/procedures to meet defined needs, taking into account practical constraints and non-routine requirements;
    • PLO4: Evaluate building services engineering and management solutions with respect to environmental aspects, technical and other considerations;
    • PLO5: Explain contemporary building services engineering issues, knowledge of relevant career fields and their practices, concerns and development;
    • PLO6: Search and synthesise information, collect and analyse data, organise and present ideas, and plan and execute projects; and
    • PLO7: Communicate effectively in various media, work effectively within a team, learn independently, manage self effectively, and care for the environment.
    PD-BSE Courses

    Information for current PD-BSE students:


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