Ir Dr. Sam C. M. Hui
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    Brief Curriculum Vitae


    Professional Qualifications:

    Appointments (Academic):

    Teaching Experience:

    Industrial Experience:

    • 7/2020-6/2021, Specialist Consultant, Consultancy Project: Driving Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) Adoption to Enhance Productivity for E&M Works in Hong Kong Building Projects
    • 3/2014-8/2015, Co-Investigator, Construction Industry Council Research Fund: Feasibility of Delivering High-rise Low Carbon Buildings in Hong Kong
    • 2014, Co-Investigator, Public Policy Research Funding Scheme: A Possible Zero Carbon Building Policy for Hong Kong: Opportunities, Risks and Recommendations
    • 1/2012-12/2012, Principal Investigator, Research Project on Vertical Greening for Buildings in Hong Kong (CIBSE Hong Kong Branch)
    • 9/2010-5/2011, Local Expert Advisor (Energy and Sustainable Building), Consultancy Study for Design and Construction Requirements for Residential Buildings for Energy Efficiency in Hong Kong (Buildings Department, Hong Kong)
    • 9/2010-2/2011, Principal Investigator, Research Project on Development of Technical Guidelines for Green Roofs Systems in Hong Kong (CIBSE Hong Kong Branch)
    • 7-10/2009, Lead Consultant and Technical Expert, Consultancy Project on Study on Thermal and Energy Performance of Green Roof Systems (Energy Efficiency Office, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong)
    • 3/2007-8/2007, Lead Consultant and Technical Expert, Consultancy Project on Study on Enhanced Promotion of Building Energy Codes in Hong Kong (Energy Efficiency Office, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong)
    • 11/2002-8/2003, Building Research Expert, Consultancy Study to Draft a Comprehensive Environmental Performance Assessment Scheme (CEPAS) for Buildings (Buildings Department, Hong Kong)
    • 12/2001 to 9/2003, Building Energy Code Expert, Consultancy Study for Developing a Performance-Based Building Energy Code Using Total-Energy-Budget Approach (Energy Efficiency Office, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong)
    • 9/2001 to 2/2004, Building Architect Expert, Consultancy Project on Adjustments to the Building Energy Code in Thailand (Dansk Energi Management A/S, Denmark)
    • 7/1990 to 7/1992, Engineer, Associated Consulting Engineers, Hong Kong (building services design consultancy)
    • 7/1988 to 6/1989, Trainee Engineer, R.W. Gregory & Partners (Far East) Consulting Engineers (now Gregory Asia Limited), Hong Kong (building services design consultancy)
    • 7/1987 to 9/1987, Assistant Building Services Coordinator, Leighton Contractors Pty. Ltd., Hong Kong (building services coordination on site)

    Expertise and Skills:

    • Analysis of building climatic data (ABCD)
      • climatic design for energy conservation and HVAC design
      • weather database for building energy simulation
    • Building energy simulation tools (BEST)
      • analysis of building energy performance
      • extensive experience with use of DOE-2, BLAST and other tools
    • Building energy efficiency standards (BEES)
      • study and analysis of building energy codes
      • development of building energy efficiency standards
    • Building information modelling (BIM)
      • BIM for green buildings and building services engineering
      • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA)
    • Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC)
      • study of energy efficient HVAC in hot and humid climate
      • HVAC design for high-rise commercial buildings
    • Renewable energy assessment and development
      • technical and economic assessment of renewable energy
      • development of renewable energy in developing countries
    • Sustainable Architecture and Building Design (SABD)
      • study of sustainability concepts and factors
      • green building design and education
    • Information technology and web-based systems
      • web-based information systems for building energy efficiency
      • experience with HTML and website development
    • Green roof systems and technology

    Training Courses and Workshops Attended:


    • 22 journal articles (externally refereed); 13 journal articles (invited, not refereed); 54 conference papers (externally refereed); 16 invited conference papers; author/editorship for 14 research reports and conference proceedings  [see the Publication List for details]
    • Google Scholar (Ir Dr Sam C M Hui): Citations 2105, h-index 24; i10-index 48

    Voluntary Services:

    Academic: Community:
    • 2009-2011, Advisor, Community Organic Farming Competition for Primary & Secondary Schools in Hong Kong, Hong Chi Association (event website:
    • 2008-2009, Advisor, Roof Greening Competition for Primary & Secondary Schools in Hong Kong, Hong Chi Association (event website:
    Conferences/Seminars: Government:
    • 4/2017-8/2019, Member, Electrical and Mechanical Services Training Board, Education Bureau
    • 1 Dec 2015-30 Nov 2024, Member of the Appeal Tribunal Panel (Building), Development Bureau, Hong Kong 上訴審裁小組《建築物條例》
    • 12/2012-6/2013, Member of Technical Committee for the M+ Design Competition for West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
    • 19 Dec 2011-18 Dec 2017, Member of the Appeal Board Panel (Town Planning), Development Bureau, Hong Kong
    • 9/2002-8/2006, Member, Expert Panel on Renewable Energy, Buildings Department, Hong Kong
    • 10/1998-9/2001, Member, Working Party on Review of OTTV Control, Buildings Department, Hong Kong
    Professional: Others:




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