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    BEng(Hons) in Building Services Engineering, BEng-BSE 屋宇設備工程(榮譽)工學士

    The BEng-BSE programme aims to develop students to be highly skilled in developing and designing building services systems and be problem-solvers to meet ever-changing industry challenges, which involves complex building technology, innovative building design, and green building assessment. It also aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills of modern building services technologies, with emphasis on using projects as the main learning and teaching assessment method to reflect general industry practice.

    Programme Objectives (POs):
    • PO1: Equip students with solid fundamental knowledge of science and engineering that will prepare them for professional careers in the building services engineering industry;
    • PO2: Train students with the abilities to apply theoretical engineering knowledge to professional practice and the solution of complex contemporary problems;
    • PO3: Develop students with professional skills in the design, operation, testing and maintenance of building services systems and with independent problem-solving skills, as well as good communication skills, so that they can work effectively in a multi-disciplinary project;
    • PO4: Strengthen students’ commitment to understand the importance of ethical and societal considerations, including those related to health, safety and environmental sustainability; and
    • PO5: Build up students’ leadership with national and international perspectives in the professional building services engineering and with a lifelong learning attitude.
    Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs):
    • PLO1: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals to the solutions and practices of building services engineering;
    • PLO2: Identify, formulate and solve building services engineering problems in HVAC, electrical systems, fire detection and protection, indoor environments, energy efficiency, plumbing and drainage, building operation and maintenance, facilities management and building sustainable development;
    • PLO3: Design various building services systems using modern engineering and IT tools, physical, engineering analysis and appropriate green building design and industrial practices;
    • PLO4: Conduct investigations and devise solutions for building services problems using functional knowledge, including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of knowledge throughout the life cycle of a building;
    • PLO5: Apply technical competency to solve real world engineering problems associated with the project cycle and exercise judgment through application of project management principles and skills;
    • PLO6: Communicate effectively about complex building services engineering activities with the profession and with society at large, and work effectively as members or leaders in professional teams; and
    • PLO7: Develop professional responsibilities with lifelong learning attitude and stay abreast of contemporary and international issues and be aware of the importance of safety, financial, legal, ethical and societal considerations for benefitting society in an all-round manner.
    BEng-BSE Courses
    (* Normally, each module is 3 credit units, except those specified below)

    Information for current BEng-BSE students:
    • Academic Calendar http://www.thei.edu.hk/student-services/academic-calendar
      • 2018/19 Academic Calendar [PDF]
      • 2017/18 Academic Calendar [PDF]
    • Moodle e-Learning Management Platform for THEi https://moodle.thei.edu.hk
    • Programme Documents: https://thei.edu.hk/admission/programme-document
      • 2019-2020:
        • ST125103 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Building Services Engineering (Full-time mode)
          • Study plan for Year-3 Entry (Full-time mode) [PDF]
        • ST525103 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Building Services Engineering (Part-time mode)
          • Study plan for Year-3 Entry (Part-time mode) [PDF]
      • 2018-2019:
        • ST125103 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Building Services Engineering (Full-time mode) [PDF]
      • 2017-2018:
        • ST125103 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Building Services Engineering (Full-time mode) [PDF]
        • ST525103 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Building Services Engineering (Part-time mode) [PDF]
    • Programme Elective Modules:
      • 2018/19 Semester 1 [PDF]: four modules for BSE students to choose (normally select 1 or 2 in Semester 1)
        • SBS5433 Renewable Energy, Thu 1100-1300, (T) 1300-1400 [syllabus] http://ibse.hk/SBS5433/
        • SCE5481 Principles of Project Finance, Fri 0930-1130, (T) 1130-1230 [syllabus]
        • SCE5482 Construction Law & Practice, Thu 1530-1730, (T) 1730-1830 [syllabus]
        • SEV5411 Environmental Impact Assessment, Wed 1900-2100, (T) 2100-2200 [syllabus]
      • 2018/19 Semester 2: five modules for BSE students to choose (normally select 1 or 2 in Semester 2)
      • 2018/19 Summer Semester:
        • SCE5481 Principles of Project Finance (to be confirmed)
    • Proposed Study Plans:
      • BEng-BSE Year 1 Entry 2015 [PDF]
      • BEng-BSE Year 1 Entry 2016 [PDF]
      • BEng-BSE Year 1 Entry 2017 [PDF]
      • BEng-BSE Year 1 Entry 2018 [PDF]
      • BEng-BSE Year 1 Entry 2019 [PDF]
      • BEng-BSE Year 3 Entry 2017 (Full-time Mode and Part-time Mode) [PDF]
      • BEng-BSE Year 3 Entry 2018 (Full-time Mode, Part-time Mode and Degree Earn & Learn) [PDF]
      • BEng-BSE Year 3 Entry 2019 (Full-time Mode and Part-time Mode) [PDF]

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